White Chocolate Drip Cake

White Chocolate Drip Cake. So why does white chocolate present so many unintended issues? White chocolate birthday cakes can be hard to come by, so we thought we'd make our own!

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Ganache, whether white, tinted a color, or dark chocolate, is made from chocolate and cream and is preferred for this technique, thanks to its ability to set without bleeding. After you have applied your icing or fondant, cover the top of the cake and make drips down the side. The cake itself is a deliciously moist vanilla cake made using the reverse creaming method but it is so small that it uses just one egg white!

150g white chocolate, chips/buttons/chopped (i use callebaut but green once your frosted cake canvas is ready for glazing make sure you have all your other decor ready at hand before you embark on the drips.

White Chocolate Drip Cake. This delicious recipe is easy to follow and includes a ganache icing. I've made quite a number of chocolate drip cakes including, but not limited to, my reese's peanut butter chocolate you can also use white chocolate to make a drip cake, like on my hot chocolate cake. I filled and coated it in a whipped white chocolate ganache and topped it with a vibrant pink white chocolate drip and colourful berries. Chocolate color drip cream cheese cake with merengues.