Sponge Cake For Decorating

Sponge Cake For Decorating. Decorate the rolled up cake to look like a yule log by adding meringue mushrooms, holly, and sugared cranberries. A sponge cake is a lighter version of a traditional cake and doesn't include any type of shortening or fat in its recipe.

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This chocolate sponge cake is ridiculously easy to make once you have the technique down and it's almost impossible to mess it up! This recipe is great but if you have any vanilla cake recipe without eggs that good for cake decorating as well as good as plain cake in itself, please share that. Using butter can make the cake greasy after it has finished baking.

Her basic instructions are easy to follow at home.

Sponge Cake For Decorating. I'm not a professional cake decorator, but what i lack in skill i hopefully make up for in enthusiasm and effort. She writes about cooking, baking, desserts, and cake decorating. Still they're lighter than chiffon or note: With muscat dessert wine in the batter, it's wonderful served with sliced peaches, whipped cream and a glass of chilled muscat.